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Athlete Performance

Using our proven training techniques, our team creates customized and highly effective training programs to increase  your strength, size, speed and agility, quickness, and endurance while limiting the risk of injuries on the field or court.




As part of Size Healthy Fitness, we offer a unique and innovative approach to strength and conditioning – building on a solid athletic foundation while remaining focused on each athlete's individual goals.


Our unique program includes instruction in

  • Movement training

  • Injury prevention and rehab

  • Speed and agility

  • Explosive power development

  • Linear and lateral speed

  • Proper functional strength training

  • Complete energy system conditioning


Athletes are closely supervised as Coach Levi takes them through an intense 90-minute workout with attention always being paid to proper technique and safety.

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Dominate your next season!


The training sessions consist of functionally sound movement training, strength training, and conditioning  Strong emphasis is placed on proper technique and maximizing movement capabilities and athletic prowess. After basic techniques have been mastered the training sessions become progressively harder.

Speed Linear and lateral movement techniques, footwork, running mechanics, acceleration and deceleration.


Strength Total body focus - upper body, lower body and core. Functionally sound approach to training with complete instruction


Explosive power Olympic lifts, proper jumping and landing mechanics, plyometrics and med ball


Flexibility and stability Foam rolling, muscle activation and movement preparation, stretching

Conditioning  Season ready preparation for all athletes

Injury prevention Identifying and correcting muscular imbalances, improving balance and stabilization

Nutrition Lessons, tips and advice

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Size Healthy Fitness is a Customized Training Program designed specifically for women over 40. A Personal Training Gym in Jacksonville, North Carolina.